Our Tutors

Debbie Cathey

Debbie Cathey

What happens when an eternally curious mind decides to drop out of grad school?  With scientific journals available on the web, Deb branched out of the world of infectious diseases and into neurology and cognition.  With a lifelong curiosity in how people learn, she took full advantage of being in the medical community and attended countless conferences and lectures in neurology and psychiatry and the psychosocial impact that environment has on learning.  This insatiable interest took her down the "rabbit holes" of genetic factors, brain injuries, brain anomolies, learning disorders, and exceptional learners.  

While volunteering in the reading program for Grade 1 at AHISD, Deb studied the readers and the psychosocial dynamics involved in their reading fluency.  Not only was it fun teaching kids to read, but the scientist inside wanted more data and subjects (aka students).  Becoming a full-time substitute teacher at AH Junior School and obtaining a teaching certificate opened the door to the world of education.  The challenge of teaching kids that learn differently or in need of some learning modifications keeps Debbie inquisitive and constantly examining current research in neuro-cognition.

Although finding a new study that can help one of her students is always a thrill, Deb also enjoys white water rafting, yoga, and irritating her three grown children.

Clint Taylor

As a PhD candidate in Neurophysiology at UT Health Science Center, Clint spent most of his time with mice.  As entertaining as that sounds, he desperately needed to get out of the lab for awhile and spend time with people doing things he loves.  Lucky for us, that includes teaching kids.  He works at The DoSeum creating workshops for local kids during school breaks and guides children as they fuse the worlds of arts and sciences.

Clint is also a gifted writer.  He works magic with our students as he pulls ideas from their resistant heads and onto paper.  Being so creative comes in handy for kids needing help with projects. 

On days off, you can find Clint paddle-boarding down the San Marcos River with his dog, Scrappy, writing short stories (about Scrappy), creating multi-media art, gardening, or practicing Kalinda (aka stick-fighting which is a dance-like martial art).

Grayam Sailer-Tynes

Grayam's knowledge base is diverse.  He tutors multiple sciences, mathematics, Spanish, Latin, and French.

After completing his BS in Biology with a concentration in French at Davidson University, Grayam continues his post-baccalaureate education at Trinity University in various biology disciplines including Biomedical Analytics and Research Methods.   

In his free time, you might find him running through the streets of midtown (he runs Ultra Marathons!), riding one of his motorcycles, or hear his voice on Texas Public Radio's "Stories Worth Repeating".  Good luck finding him when school is not in session.  He could be anywhere in world.

Logan Jung

As a statistician, Logan tutors mathematics.  He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of dyslexia and still managed to be drawn into the world of numbers.  He currently works at USAA as a Decision Science Analyst and for some weekend fun, you might find Logan behind the counter at Local Coffee here at The Pearl appeasing the inner Foodie that dwells inside him.

Logan recently completed his Master of Science Degree in Applied Statistics at The University of Texas at San Antonio.