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Clint Taylor

Grayam Sailor-Tynes

Grayam's knowledge base is diverse.  He tutors multiple sciences, mathematics, Spanish, Latin, and French.  

In his free time, you might find him running through the streets of midtown (he runs in Ultra Marathons!), riding one of his motorcycles, or hear his voice on Texas Public Radio's "Stories Worth Repeating".  

Logan Jung

As a statistician, Logan tutors mathematics.  He has first-hand knowledge of the challenges of dyslexia and still managed to be drawn into the world of numbers.  

Debbie Cathey

What happens when an eternally curious mind decides to drop out of grad school?  Read, learn, read more, attend lectures around the country, dabble in visual arts, and read more.  With a lifelong curiosity in how people learn, Debbie took full advantage of being in the medical community and attended countless lectures in neurology and psychiatry and the psychosocial impact that environment has on learning.  This insatiable interest took her down the "rabbit holes" of genetic factors, brain injuries, brain anomolies, learning disorders, and exceptional learners.