Summer ½ Day Camps

Logic, Logic, Logic

Introducing inductive reasoning and deductive reasoning is done through entertaining, logic puzzles. Understanding what a syllogism is and how it is used in rhetoric will develop analytical skills needed to produce a persuasive argument as well as seeing through an illogical argument.  Besides being intense, fun, competitive and hilarious, this is the most valuable tool I teach. It can elevate the level of understanding and applying new information.  Who knew it could be so fun! 

(A minimum of six participants required to offer this class)

Algebraic Thinking

Whether you're getting ready for pre-algebra or going into algebra 1, it is important to know some basic algegraic strategies.  Problem-solving, word problems, and the algebra of fractions will all be presented in some clever ways.  If multiplication tables, fractions, or long division still make you want to run screaming from your math class, then this is the place to spend a week this summer.  It's quite possible that you might end up actually enjoying mathematics.  If I hadn't seen it with my own eyes, I wouldn't believe it.

(A minimum of five participants required to offer this class)

The Science of Pet Care (ages 6-10)

Learning to take care of your pet creates a sense of responsibility and a greater connection to your pet.  This camp focuses on animal health and well-being.  We discuss how vaccinations work, diseases that your pet can get, and the importance of interacting with your pet regularly.  We also do some comparative anatomy that include cats, dogs, rabbits, chickens, lizards, snakes, and frogs.

(A minimum of eight participants required to offer this class)

Understanding Your Dyslexia

Three half-days are spent exploring (and by exploring, we mean making and building stuff!) learning options to assist your child with finding more effective ways to learn.  Your child will come away with a better understanding of what dyslexia is, the different types, and how to advocate for themselves when needed.


With our increasing knowledge of the brain and how we learn, we have also been able to better assess information processing anomalies that exist.  Technological advances have allowed us to watch brain activity while learning.  The information gathered from several experiments has helped identify processing abnormalities.  The most exciting news is what your brain does as a result of having this  information processing trouble.  

(A minimum of four participants required to offer this class)

Back to School Prep

Also called "Cobwebs Camp" since we dust off the parts of the brain that haven't been used in awhile.  Whether it's better study skills, organization, logical thinking, or a quick math refresher, this camp will get our students headed in the right direction from day one.  Binders/folders will get set up and the most functional organization strategies for each student.  Have school supplies ready because this camp gets right down to business!

Available in August

Games Galore

Games are based on word development, mathematical thinking, organizational elements, following instructions, and creativity.  We use K'Nex, Snap Circuits, BINGO, and dominos to name a few. Sounds like a bore... but, what if it's not?  And what if you come out of here as the grand prize winner of geography, logic puzzles, or extreme dot-to-dot?  You'll walk out of here with your blue ribbon, big bag of Skittles or a funny t-shirt, and a big smile on your face.  Friday is tournament day so show up well-rested, wearing your lucky socks, and with your game face.  Be ready to feel the thrill of victory OR the agony of defeat.

(A minimum of eight participants required to offer this class)