Frequently Asked Questions


- Describe a typical tutoring session.

All sessions are different, based on the student’s individual needs, but overall, you can expect this to be an hour of intense productivity. Our tutors create a supportive environment where there’s no shame in not knowing information. We connect with each child on a personal level and meet them where they are. And, our commitment to students doesn’t end at the end of the session – it is ongoing. 

Although the focus is on the academics, sessions can often include building smaller skills, like how to approach a teacher to ask for a favor, creating a healthy habit of checking grades, organizing your stuff, and keeping priorities in order. Because we put the energy and compassion into truly listening to your child, we can pick up on their cues and address their anxieties.

- How is your test prep strategy different than other prep services?

We first assess each student’s learning deficit, and address it at the fundamental level. We don’t put our focus on answering standardized questions – we start at the foundation and re-teach the skill. Although this will result in higher test scores, it also translates into overall greater problem solving and strategic thinking, and success at the college level.

- How do you choose your tutors?

We work closely with the department chairs in mathematics and biology at all local universities to identify the right candidates. Our tutors don’t just have excellent grades, they must demonstrate curiosity, a love of learning, and a love of sharing knowledge. Importantly, all of our tutors have overcome an educational obstacle, whether in a learning difference, an economic challenge, or in access to education. They empathize with our students who struggle to master their studies.

- What do you mean by a “neurocognitive approach”?

All learning comes from the stimulation of certain nerve pathways in the brain. We make sure the foundational neurons are established, so that students have quicker recall. Much of our approach is focused on building, strengthening, and maintaining these pathways – including how we use color, sorting and categorizing information, taking notes, and organizing priorities. 

- Do you offer college counseling?

Helping your student choose where to apply to college and how to maneuver through the process is something we do when it's time.  We have a vast assortment of information on colleges including college matches and majors.  Younger students get to see how excited the older ones are as we guide them through the application process and writing all those essays.  We don’t offer college counseling in isolation, but rather organically as part of the overall educational relationship.