Effective August 1, 2018

What You Get

Academic Coaching

Since we aren't the average tutors, what you get is more than homework help and test prep. We have support materials for hands-on exploration as well as additional practice in areas of need.  Everybody does logic puzzles here at random intervals.  Inductive and deductive reasoning are skills that will benefit your child in the classroom and in life.  It also helps increase attention span.  Speaking of attention span - Extreme Dot to Dot.  500 + dots to connect pushes every one of us to our limits.  We also send some of this home with your child with an additional copy so YOU CAN PARTICIPATE TOO.  We love creating opportunities for you to share a love of learning and thinking with your child.

College Talk.  So much college talk.  Helping your student choose where to apply to college and how to maneuver through the process is something we do when it's time.  We have a vast assortment of information on colleges and college match as well as college majors.  Younger students get to see how excited the older ones are as we guide them through the application process and writing all those essays.  It comes up in conversation and we like to let your child's imagination and excitement run...within reason.  We still have work to finish before the hour is over!

Troubleshooting turns into teachable moments that allow us to explain things like how to approach a teacher to ask for a favor, creating a habit of checking your grades (without obsessing!), organizing your stuff (backpack check! YIKES!), keeping priorities in order...  Whoa! All that in an hour?  Nope.  It's actually a casual, organic thing that happens at your child's pace when they feel comfortable and confident.  We simply pick up on cues. Creating this kind of connection mandates energy, curiosity, and compassion from us and that's just how we roll.